You’re In For Something Fresh! Shaw’s is one of the oldest continuously operated supermarkets in the United States with its roots dating to 1860. All of our stores, no matter what banner they operate under, were founded around the philosophy of offering customers the products they wanted to buy at a fair price, with lots of tender, loving care. We still open our doors every day today with that in mind, and because of it, we run really great stores!


Monday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Tuesday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Wednesday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Thursday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Friday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Sunday - 7:00AM - 10:00PM

50 Boston Turnpike Road
Shrewsbury, MA 01545


(508) 797-1126

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